Tycho's Star

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Ein sehr ausgewogener Single Malt Whisky der Spirit of Hven Destillerie aus Schweden

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This is a medium peated well matured Swedish single malt whisky, made from grain to bottle in the small family owned distillery Spirit of Hven, situated on the island of Hven, in the strait between Denmark and Sweden.

This whisky is named Tycho?s Star as a tribute to the most famous islander yet, the astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). The name Tycho?s Star refers to the supernova that Tycho Brahe observed in the asterism Cassiopeia 1572. He called it ?De Nova Stella? and made a term of the expression Nova, that nowadays are used to describe new stars.

Tycho´s Star is made from a mash bill based on three types of barley, Pale Ale Malt for the grassy base notes, chocolate malt for the enticing caramel notes and heavy peated whisky malt to create the leather, liqourice and tar scents. The carefully distilled spirit has matured on casks made of air dried oak. The casks are 58,20% heavy char Quercus Muehlenbergii from Missouri, 33,44% heavy toast Quercus Petraea from Allier and 8,36% medium toast Q. Robur from Bourgogne.

Tycho ´s Star is bottled at site on Hven at 41,8 vol%, without carbon- or chill filtering, no colouring or additives. It is Organic certified, completely natural, as should be. Every bottle are individually numbered and controlled before being waxed by hand.

Inhalt: 0,50 l
Alkoholgehalt: 41,8%
Lebensmittel Unternehmer: Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn
Norreborgsvägen 55
260 13 Sankt IBB
Öko-Kontrollnummer: SE-EKO-01
Bio-Produkt: ja

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